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DTAttributedTextView is used for displaying HTML-formatted comments without UIWebView
libxml2: for scraping
enormego and three20: pull-to-refresh
Telekenesis: URL parsing from
MWFeedParser: HTML entities
atebits: smoothness

News YC ( open source hacker news client


Via Stack Over Flow
1) Blogs on iPhone development: (Programming Tutorial) (Programming Tutorial)
2) iPhone Source Code:
3) Community:
4) News:
5) Jail breaking/Hacking:
6) Open source libraries and Applications:
7) Topic-wise:
Speech Recognition - 1:
Speech Recognition - 2:
8) Game Development with Cocos2D:
9) Drawing Charts and Graphs (Will work on UIWebView only) (a blog where demo is given to create a graph)
10) Map Kit
11) Audio Streaming (It's a code for streaming video using AVPlayer class. Same code could be applied for streaming audio as well by minor modification)
12) Twitter
13) Scroll View
14) SQLite:
15) Video:
16) SCM:
17) Testing:
18) Push Notification:
19) Core Data
20) VOIP